The Damn Dirty Geeks thank our loyal listeners for their wonderful comments about our show!

“Just listened to the Westworld podcast. Thank you so much! Westworld has been one of my all-time favorites since the first time I saw it as a kid, but not being a filmmaker I’ve never had the ability to articulate why that is. You guys touched on so many great points, especially on the ability of Yul Brenner to take a role with zero backstory and turn it in to, in my opinion, one of the screen’s all-time great heavies. He terrified me in that role, and really still does. ‘Draw’, with that smile. *shudder* Great episode! Thanks again!”

David Gherman

Podcast Listener

“This has become a favorite podcast for me. The cast is made up of so much more than just a bunch of jamokes sitting around talking. This is the real deal, real Monster Kids who know their stuff. I have seen many YouTube folk and heard a good many podcasts about people who try to be experts, but always fail somewhere along the lines. Here, however, I am always learning something new. On top of that, it is quite obvious this cast are great friends. If you are interested, I recommend the Planet of the Apes anniversary episode with Dana Gould. I was in tears, I was laughing so hard.”

Carl Isonhart

Monster Kid

“I totally love this podcast!! They speak my language! Great conversations about awesome geek topics. It’s informative and funny. I highly recommend checking it out so you can enjoy all the geeky goodness too!”


“I loved it! These guys easily juggle hilarious, educational and fascinating. It’s like listening in under the treehouse of the coolest geeky dudes in the neighborhood.”

Mallory O'Meara

Communications Director, Dark Dunes Productions

“I love your podcast so much! I wish it was weekly! As I said to Scott Weitz, you are my people. It reminds me of the conversations I would have in high school with my geek friends, before being a geek became mainstream. Still, our kind of geekdom is still rather rarefied and I find that in your podcast. Long live Apes, Bond, the Walking Dead, and Universal Monsters!”

Perry Shields

Actor/Director, Torrance Theatre Company

“Frank Dietz and his friends have found a way to celebrate geek culture in new and interesting ways. Every episode is so good that it leaves you wanting more. For episode five they did something I have been waiting since 2008 to hear: they did an hour-long PLANET OF THE APES episode with legendary comedian Dana Gould. It was phenomenal. You will laugh and learn and most importantly — yes, they are drinking. Enjoy!”


Planet of the Apes fan

“In a world where there’s one podcast, and another, and another — a whole nest of them — I’m really happy to find one that offers interesting, engaging, and insightful conversations without a whiff of hipster irony or self-indulgent navel gazing. These guys wear their Monster Kid fangdom comfortably and naturally. It feels like they’d be having the same discussion between themselves regardless of whether or not a microphone was present. I love hearing people talking about the stuff they love (especially when it’s the same stuff I dig), and these fellas are both inviting and inclusive (and fresh, which is tough to pull off for those of us who’ve been immersed in this genre since childhood), making it perfect for both long-time Monster Kids and those just beginning to amble amidst the shadows of Lon Chaney Lane. Happy to have found it and look forward to more. Happy Haunting! And that completes my final report until touchdown.”

Larry Carney

Monster Kid

“I’m going to keep this short and sweet. If you love classic horror, sci-fi, genre TV and listening to folks who also love these things talk knowledgeably about them, then this podcast is a must!”

Lord Blood-Rah

Horror Host

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