Something for everyone, a comedy episode tonight! Damn Dirty Geeks — Frank Dietz, Trish Geiger, Jack Bennett and Scott Weitz — welcome the prolific comedy actors Brian Howe and Alison Martin, fresh off launching their hilarious project The Audio Adventurebook of Big Dan Frater Volume 1, which you can preview and purchase here.

Funny Business with Big Dan Frater

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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The Geeks discuss our collective origins, influences and favorites as comedy fans, plus Alison and Brian’s work on the films of Larry Blamire including THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN and DARK AND STORMY NIGHT, along with Frank and Trish’s mockumentary A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR.

Damn Dirty Geeks post-podcast photo with: (L to R) Frank Dietz, Trish Geiger, Scott Weitz, Brian Howe, Jack Bennett.

Now, from the minds of Blamire and Howe comes the comic audio adventures of Big Dan Frater (Brian Howe) and his cohorts Dutch ‘the Swede’ Anacrombie (Dan Conroy) and Millie Healey (Alison Martin), as this trio of hapless heroes tackle terrors and rescue the citizens of New Garden Hope City! If you enjoy the comedy of Monty Python, Steve Martin, Edgar Wright films and more, you’ll dig this comedy-centric episode with the Damn Dirty Geeks.

With our talented producer/audio guru Justin Cruse away on another project for this recording, you may experience moments of audio level fluctuation on this episode. Just bump up the volume a bit and enjoy!



Trivia: actors Alison Martin and Brian Howe first appeared on film together in Larry Blamire’s internet sci-fi satire shorts TALES FROM THE PUB in 2007. Watch on YouTube.

The Audio Adventurebook of Big Dan Frater – head off to hilarity in this radio drama-styled audio show to download Volume 1 of these comedic adventures at their websiteFacebook pageiTunes and Amazon.
A ZOMBIE NEXT DOOR – watch this Rondo Award nominated horror-comedy short film by Damn Dirty Geeks Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger on YouTube
THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA – befriend the Facebook page for writer/director Larry Blamire’s landmark independent film saluting and satirizing low budget sci-fi movies of the 1950s, co-starring this episode’s guest Brian Howe
THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN – Facebook page for Larry Blamire’s hilarious sequel film, an even funnier and more elaborate send up of 1950s sci-fi flicks, co-starring Big Dan episode guests Alison Martin and Brian Howe.


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