The Damn Dirty Geeks and writer/director Tom Holland take a bite out of FRIGHT NIGHT... for real!Actor/writer/director Tom Holland returns to continue his podcast with the Damn Dirty Geeks, this episode focusing on his highly popular 1985 twist on the vampire genre, FRIGHT NIGHT… for real!

As Holland’s directorial debut, FRIGHT NIGHT acheived that rare balance of humor and horror, and it helped revitalize the vampire film genre upon its theatrical release.

Holland briefly recaps a final question about PSYCHO II and its critical reception in 1983 and today, then he and the DDG move on to sink our podcast teeth into FRIGHT NIGHT. Slated as a ‘throw away’ film on Columbia’s schedule at the time of its production, Holland relates how he put equal effort to creating rounded, rich characters for both villains and heroes alike, as he did with PSYCHO II. Just one of the reasons why FRIGHT NIGHT still holds up well as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Holland also gives his insights into how FRIGHT NIGHT “inherited” many of the effects crew that Columbia held together after GHOSTBUSTERS, which gave his “little” vampire film massive production value and made it a huge hit for the studio.

Tom also shares the genesis of Tom Holland’s Terror Time, a website serving his fan community requests for autographs and movie memorabilia from Tom’s films including FRIGHT NIGHT, PSYCHO II, CHILD’S PLAY and more. Be sure to check out this great site built for genre fans and like the Terror Time Facebook page.

Tom wraps up this episode with this thoughts on the future of film entertainment, including his predictions for the great impact that 3D virtual reality could have on our current theatrical and home video industry templates. There’s plenty to feed on in part 2 of our extended episode with Tom Holland, so listen, download and subscribe now before Jerry Dandridge turns you to the dark side forever!

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Part 1 of our DDG podcast with Tom Holland discussing his early career and PSYCHO II is available here.

Special thanks to Brice Cranston for engineering audio for this episode and composing our fantastic Damn Dirty Geeks theme we proudly present in every episode.

P.S. Tom Holland proved to be such a popular guest for this episode recording, that a cricket even crashed our recording studio. If you hear a few chirps in the background, just picture Mr. Holland and the Damn Dirty Geeks chatting on the veranda during a balmy summer evening and go with it!


Trivia: As mentioned above, Columbia Studios considered FRIGHT NIGHT a last-minute “throw away” entry in its 1985 release schedule, instead focusing all its promotional attention on PERFECT and THE SLUGGER’S WIFE, two films that remain largely forgotten 30 years later while Holland’s film enjoys its popular resurgence today.

Trivia: The horror host character Peter Vincent was named by combining two iconic Hammer horror film actors Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. Director Tom Holland originally wanted Vincent Price to play the part, but he declined the role due to his health.

Trivia: An unexpected hit for Columbia, FRIGHT NIGHT became the top grossing film of Summer 1985, and went on to be the #2 grossing film of the year, behind A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY’S REVENGE.

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