Our new Damn Dirty Geeks/Revival League cross-stream production is here in this new radio play, Albert Kitschschlock Presents: The Films That Blew Too Much. Five new comedic stories send up some classic Alfred Hitchcock films in a parodic anthology of funny bone-chilling thrillers so breathtakingly cinematic, only radio can do them justice: “Batsh!t,” “Dial ‘N’ For Necktie,” “South By Southwest,” “The Squirrels,” and “Non-Acquayances On The Conveyances.”

The cast across all five stories includes: Frank Dietz, Liane Dietz, Tim Blaney, Alexis Iacono, Rico E. Anderson, Jennifer Lynn Warren, Grant Baciocco, Jackey Neyman Jones, Scott Weitz, Ian Morrison, Jack Bennett, Greg Tally, Ryan Smith, Deana Dolphin, Zoe Plait, Brice Cranston, Robb Maynard, Ron McAdams, and Kirk Thatcher as Albert Kitschschlock.

Written by Ryan Smith, Scott Weitz, Greg Tally, Frank Dietz, and Robb Maynard. Based upon the collected works of Alfred Hitchcock (and some Dr. Seuss too). Music by Willy T Golden. Promotional Artwork by Daniel Vincent Bigelow. A Revival League/Damn Dirty Geeks Cross-Stream Production.

Albert Kitschschlock Presents: The Films That Blew Too Much is also available to stream at the Revival League:


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