The Damn Dirty Geeks continue with our entertaining discussion about career projects, favorite movies, geek inspirations and monsters with our two special guests, Jennifer Lynn Warren and Pruitt Taylor Vince — now expanding into Part 2 of 3 episodes with this pair of wildly entertaining people! Listen to Part 1 here.

In Part 2 of our conversation with actors Pruitt Taylor Vince and Jennifer Lynn Warren, we tackle the trickier aspects of film and stage acting. Jennifer discusses the difficult transitions of taking on an emotionally challenging character, one of many acting challenges she addresses on her valuable podcast Hollywood Actors Guide to Surviving the Film & TV Industry.

Pruitt also talks about surviving some of the more physically demanding roles. The Geeks get to geek out about some of Pruitt’s high-profile television and movie appearances, from THE WALKING DEAD to STRANGER THINGS to DEADWOOD to THE X FILES and more. Pruitt also tells the gang about working with the legendary Paul Newman on NOBODY’S FOOL, and Jennifer doesn’t get to finish a story…which will be continued in our next episode, Part Three of this amazing discussion! Our first cliffhanger!

Dig into this second hour of getting to know Jennifer and Pruitt, with Part 3 coming soon!

Jennifer Lynn Warren & Pruitt Taylor Vince: Part 2

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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