In our second podcast episode, the Damn Dirty Geeks close out our year-end recap exploring the highlights and dangerous shadows of 2014’s most notable TV terrors and dramas.

Frank, Jack, Frank and Scott retrace the path of THE WALKING DEAD to Terminus and beyond, revisit MAD MEN’s landing on the PLANET OF THE APES, crack down on BREAKING BAD’S finale, play a round of HBO’s deadly GAME OF THRONES and much more!

TV Terror of 2014

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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Trivia: In Episode 5 of MAD MEN’s sixth season entitled “The Flood,” Don Draper takes his son Bobby to see PLANET OF THE APES in the local movie theater and reads a copy of The Ape, a fake newspaper souvenir printed to promote the film’s release. One of the film’s first merchandise items, various editions of this fictitious newspaper created by Harry K. McWilliams Associates appeared with the release of POTA’s four sequels with titles like The Mutant News (BENEATH), The Ape News (ESCAPE), Future News (CONQUEST) and San Simian Sentinal (BATTLE).

Trivia: Comics and series creator Robert Kirkman has stated that films like George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD don’t exist in the world of THE WALKING DEAD, which is why his characters refer to the undead as walkers instead of “zombies.” Having never seen such zombie movies is one reason why none of the characters know how to cope with the rising of the undead or the best ways to kill them without first hand experience in doing so.

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