In our fourth podcast, the Damn Dirty Geeks reveal their inmost selves unto the audience. With help from returning guest Mallory O’Meara and special guest makeup effects artist Frank Ippolito, the gang recalls their humble nerd beginnings and how they blossomed into hyphenates in the entertainment biz.

We reflect on our collective geek origins as inspired by Romero zombies, Mexican horror movies, classic radio dramas, werewolves and movie effects magazines, just to name a few. Plus Episode #004 celebrates the reunion of the Hot Dog Stand, the joys of audiobooks, the sound of balloons and other audible gems!

Podcaster, film production pro Mallory O'Meara and makeup effects artist Frank Ippolito team up as our Special Guests in Episode 004 on the Damn Dirty Geeks podcast.

The Secret Origen of Geeks

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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Trivia: Scott was a bit fuzzy on some details, but told the gist of old radio horror show episode correctly, even though the men-turned-inside-out radio drama originated from Arch Oboler’s Lights Out and not Inner Sanctum. The episode was titled “The Dark” and featured a doctor and medic responding to an emergency call at the old house, not two cops as stated on the podcast. But the cackling old woman, the dark in the floor and inverting human physiology are all there — and you can hear it on this excerpt from Oboler’s 1962 LP “Drop Dead” right here!

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