We’re very proud to announce that the new documentary by DDG’s own Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger, LONG LIVE THE KING, makes its World Premiere at the Bay Area Film Events festival on Saturday, October 1st!

Damn Dirty Geeks’ Frank Dietz (director/producer), Trish Geiger (director/producer), Scott Weitz (producer) will be attending, along with special guests Frank Woodward (MEN IN SUITS), Brian Howe (HBO’s WESTWORLD) and Dana Gould (STAN AGAINST EVIL, THE SIMPSONS), and executive producer Brian Kelly Jones are attending the premier event, hosted at the historic Bal Theater.

LONG LIVE THE KING collects film clips and special guest interviews with KONG fans, performers and creature makers including: Greg Nicotero, Dana Gould, Doug Jones, Chris Walas, Tom Woodruff Jr., Bob Burns, William Stout, Douglas Tait, Frank Ippolito, Mike Hill, Alexis Iacono, Donald F. Glut and many more.

These celebrity interviews reflect decades of passion and fandom of the original 1933 classic film, revealing how many entertainment creators’ lives were influenced by childhood first viewings of KING KONG, and how this timeless adventure fantasy influenced future careers of filmmakers, writers, actors and artists for generations since its release. These amusing personal stories weave together common threads of admiration, wonder and inspiration that all KONG fans share in their lives and work.

Get tickets to attend this World Premiere documentary tribute to KING KONG here while supplies last as we gather to celebrate the legacy of the Eighth Wonder of the World — KONG!

Long Live the King BAFE poster