Great news for our DDG podcast listeners and Kong fans! Our own Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger‘s feature documentary LONG LIVE THE KING, an affectionate tribute to the enduring appeal of King Kong, makes his Hollywood premiere on June 16th at the start of its theatrical run at Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood until June 22, 2017.

The Red Carpet premiere on June 16 is sold out, but tickets are still available for most showtimes throughout the week and can be purchased at the Arena Cinelounge Hollywood website.

LONG LIVE THE KING features filmmaker and actor interviews with Joe Dante, Greg Nicotero, Dana Gould, Doug Jones, Bob Burns, John Goodwin, Mike Micky Hill, Tom Woodruff Jr., Douglas Tait, Felissa Rose Esposito Miller, Alexis Iacono, Brian Howe, Emma Julia Jacobs, David Colton, William Stout, Chris Walas and more!

We hope our many podcast listeners, Kong fans and friends in the Los Angeles area will come see LONG LIVE THE KING in its limited run theatrical release, and show your support for this entertaining, fun and insightful documentary celebrating the legacy of the greatest monster movie of all time, KING KONG.

Meanwhile, you can preview Michael McCormack‘s original score for LONG LIVE THE KING on YouTube, and pre-order a Limited Edition signed CD from Michael while supplies last! Michael’s compositions faithfully capture the adventure, danger, action and romance of the 1933 classic and subsequent Kong films that this documentary celebrates enthusiastically.

Michael’s score contains 24 digitally mastered tracks on a sealed CD with signed card from the composer and CD artwork by artist Jeff Preston, Frank Dietz and James Michael Roddy. Expected ship date for the CD is July 31, 2017.

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