The Damn Dirty Geeks join fans everywhere to mourn the passing and celebrate the life and career of actor Adam West, who passed away today at age 88.

Stepping into the role of Bruce Wayne and his crimefighting alter-ego Batman, Adam created an indelible and influential character on all our lives and careers. The classic BATMAN 1966 TV series captured our imaginations, hearts and funny bones as he and Robin battled an unforgettable rogues gallery of super villains to defend Gotham City from crime and injustice.

Of course, playing Batman was only one part of Adam’s lengthy acting career, which spans nearly 200 roles in film and television. Adam was also an author and artist, recently offering a gallery of his own Batman villain paintings for sale on his official website.

Our own Frank Dietz co-starred with West in the 1987 cult horror film ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, beginning their friendship off-screen that lasted three decades. As Frank recently posted on social media, reflecting on his friendship with Adam: “Such a lovely, funny man. He took me under his batwing, for which I shall be eternally grateful. The world will miss you, Adam.”

All members of the Damn Dirty Geeks have fond memories of Adam’s work as the Caped Crusader and millionaire Bruce Wayne in the campy classic TV series Batman, that aired from 1966-1968. While fully aware of the show’s obvious appeal to young viewers who may have first known Batman from DC comic books, West invested a moral earnestness into the role, ensuring that Batman took his job very seriously even if the series had its tonal tongue planted firmly in its cheek.

Adam West and Frank Dietz take a break while shooting ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE in 1987.

The series’ writers, directors and West himself made deliberate effort to give Wayne/Batman some human complexity, yet insisted that West’s character honored his duty to the citizens of Gotham and the fight for justice above all else. For so many of us, Adam West represented the first superhero character in our young lives, and what a sterling representative for that mission he was.

The DDG expressed our fandom and appreciation for Adam West in our 2015 podcast episode with lifelong fan Tom Woodruff Jr., discussing the creative influence BATMAN had on our young lives and careers collectively, as the West and the series inspired Tom to create his own Batmobile ’66 replica car.

We all are very saddened at the news of Adam’s passing, but we thank him for the decades of enjoyment, entertainment and friendship he gave to us in his stellar life and career. Thank you, old chum.


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