The Damn Dirty Geeks are back in 2016 and have begun Year Two of our podcast! Thanks to all our listeners for your support and comments. We promise that 2016 is going to be an even bigger, better year for our show and we’ve already got some exciting new episodes recorded for you!

Last night, we had a great time recording two episodes with our first guest of the year GREG NICOTERO, executive producer/director/makeup designer for THE WALKING DEAD. Greg joined the DDG for two full hours, talking in depth with the DDG about the making of and impact of JAWS in film history, pop culture and our lives and careers.

We also delved into Greg’s history with George Romero and making DAY OF THE DEAD, touched on STAR WARS, the Universal monster reboot films, and even some of Greg’s personal experiences on THE WALKING DEAD. Watch for Part 1 of our double episode with Greg Nictoero to debut online soon!

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