Another week has drawn to a close here at Damn Dirty Geeks, so it’s time to recap our Top 5 most downloaded podcast episodes shows for the week ending May 28th:

Stephen (David Emge) is having a bloody bad day at the mall in George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD from 1978.

5.  A perennial podcast favorite of DDG listeners, Part 2 of our episode with effects master GREG NICOTERO check in as the 5th most downloaded show this past week. Greg and the Damn Dirty Geeks pick up right where we left off in Part 1, wrapping up our voyage through the making of Steven Spielberg’s classic JAWS. Then Greg describes his early beginnings with flesh-eating zombies, meeting George Romero as a fan of DAWN OF THE DEAD, which soon got him on the crew for DAY OF THE DEAD. Eventually Greg followed his makeup and creature effects path up to being an executive producer, director and effects creator for AMC’s hit horror series THE WALKING DEAD.

The Damn Dirty Geeks welcome GREG NICOTERO to talk about one of our favorite films JAWS

4.  Sharks and zombies continue to prove popular this week as our 4th most downloaded podcast was Part 1 of our episode with GREG NICOTERO. The executive producer/director/effects creator for AMC’s hit horror series THE WALKING DEAD has been a lifelong fan of Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster thriller JAWS, and Greg shares some fascinating making-of stories about the film. Greg also lets us in on how this tense shark tale launched his love for movie creatures, and eventually influenced his work directing episodes of THE WALKING DEAD.

Order the updated edition of Ted Newsom's excellent documentary FLESH AND BLOOD: THE HAMMER HERITAGE OF HORROR on DVD -- just look for on PayPal to order directly.

3.  Our recent show features filmmaker TED NEWSOM sharing his exclusive and wonderful tales of reuniting the great Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing for the last time as co-narrators of his Hammer documentary FLESH AND BLOOD: THE HAMMER HERITAGE OF HORROR. Ted lets us in on some rare tales of humor and humanity displayed between these two iconic actors amid a fascinating discussion of Hammer horror films and more. He and the DDG also branch off into more filmmaking stories of other Hammer actors and actresses, expanded upon in Ted’s recently expanded DVD documentary that we highly recommend to all horror fans.

Sam Witwer and the undead tank soldier in the pilot episode of AMC's THE WALKING DEAD.

2.  Our second-most downloaded podcast of last week was Part 1 of our two-hour show with actor SAM WITWER, discussing his fortuitous casting experience for a role in Frank Darabont’s excellent adaptation of Stephen King’s horror thriller THE MIST, and as a troubled vampire in SyFy’s supernatural series BEING HUMAN. Sam also shares with the DDG his experience making the pilot of AMC’s hit horror series THE WALKING DEAD, including his character makeup with podcast guest Greg Nicotero, and Sam’s role as the undead tank soldier who was slated to have his backstory told in webisodes online.

Close up of Galen Marek, the human apprentice of Sith Lord Darth Vader, as portrayed by actor Sam Witwer in STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED video game series.

1.  And our #1 most popular podcast episode of last week is a STAR WARS filled follow up, Part 2 of our show with SAM WITWER. Sam and the DDG dive deep into STAR WARS lore, exploring the franchise transitions between the official canon films, books and TV series and the Legends universe of previous fiction. Sam’s been a part of it all, contributing his voice acting as Starkiller in Star Wars: the Force Unleashed video games, plus both animated series THE CLONE WARS and STAR WARS REBELS. Enjoy Sam’s own vocal talents as he gives us some samples of Emperor Palpatine’s evil intonations and Darth Maul’s villainous voice and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!

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