If you’re a regular listener and subscriber of the Damn Dirty Geeks podcast — and we hope you are both by now — you’ve heard that we occasionally enjoy a tasty adult beverage while recording our shows. This podcast started as a fun gathering over drinks at Frank Dietz’s place, and we’ve never lost that vibe. A little “podcast fuel” makes our shows fun too.

Being mixologists of drinks and movies, the Damn Dirty Geeks now present the first Official Cocktail of our podcast: THE DEVIL’S RAIN.

Recipe for the first official Damn Dirty Geeks cocktail - The Devil's Rain

Recently created by Dietz out of his fridge and bar inventory, this tart and refreshing cocktail was perfected (after numerous volunteer tests) and named at a recent screening of THE DEVIL’S RAIN, a mediocre 1975 horror film starring William Shatner and Ernest Borgnine that jumped on the Devil-made-me-do-it bandwagon of flicks chasing money in the wake of THE EXORCIST.

THE DEVIL’S RAIN film is fondly recalled for its 45-minute plot being spread thin over its 86-minute run time, allowing for a plethora of lingering empty desert vistas, enough Shatner and Borgnine reaction shots to fill the seventh circle of Hell, and including every single usable take of melting Satanists the makeup team and DP captured on film to pad the movie.

Fortunately, our Devil’s Rain cocktail is much smoother and more satisfying than melting worshipper goo, and far more delicious. Here’s our official recipe to conjure up for yourselves if you’re tempted:


• 1 part Vodka
• 2 parts Hubert’s Blood Orange Lemonade
• 1 part Club Soda

Mix ingredients and pour into a 6-8 ounce rocks glass over plenty of ice. Garnish with lime slice and enjoy.

Stay tuned for more movie-inspired cocktails from the Damn Dirty Geeks, and if you’ve got a movie that deserves an original DDG drink recipe, please suggest your movie title via the comment section below or at our Facebook page. We’ll get to mixing!