The Damn Dirty Geeks continue our roll discussing great entertainment moments with experts in their craft, thanks to popular character actor Jim Beaver. Jim prolific career is filled with memorable characters that made lasting impacts on the films and series in which he appeared. Our visit with Jim Beaver has yielded one of our best, breeziest, most engaging episodes yet.

Jim Beaver on Deadwood and Crimson Peak

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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It’s likely that most listeners will know Jim Beaver’s work from three projects: as the gruff but lovable Ellsworth in HBO’s hit western drama DEADWOOD; his one-shot guest appearance turned recurring character Bobby Singer in SUPERNATURAL; and his co-starring role in Guillermo del Toro’s gothic romance CRIMSON PEAK. Fans also enjoy Jim’s work in the series JUSTIFIED and his role as Lawson in BETTER CALL SAUL, a crossover character Jim first played in BREAKING BAD.

A terrific storyteller, Jim regaled the DDG with stories of his experience filming DEADWOOD and the mysteries of character development he explored playing Ellsworth as his character arc expanded most unexpectedly. Jim also shares how John Wayne most strongly influenced his acting style and career, as part of his own character building in a broad range of characters including highly un-Ellsworth role of Carter Cushing in CRIMSON PEAK.

This sets up a fascinating discussion of actors deliberate seeking range in their careers across films and television, a mission that Jim Beaver continues to accomplish with every new credit he gains. Enjoy this hour-plus visit with the very funny, friendly and talented Jim Beaver. If you enjoy it as much as we did recording it, please share your comments in a rating and review of our podcast on iTunes.



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