The Damn Dirty Geeks are back for Year Two of our podcast as we celebrate our second anniversary of the show, and we’re starting off on the wild side!

A quick change of recent recording plans resulted in our second Damn Dirty Geeks Wild Card episode that dives straight into THE TWILIGHT ZONE with a dizzying collage of discussion topics.

Going Wild Card in The Twilight Zone

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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We launch into a study of GALAXY QUEST — is it the best STAR TREK movie to date? — then question the streaming service delivery of the new series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY starring our friend Doug Jones. We’re psyched to see Doug in the TREK universe, but question if PPV is the right move by CBS to start a new mission.

Then we take a very goofy detour across the galaxy to revisit Maz Kanata’s house band as seen in THE FORCE AWAKENS. An equally abrupt transition sparks up a lively debate about the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY makeover for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney’s California Adventure park in Anaheim. This theme park ride discussion transports us into a larger study about the lifespans of our favorite Monster Kid franchises like Rod Serling’s classic TWILIGHT ZONE in today’s streaming-media generation.

Our discussion of the TZ franchise’s longevity also makes a great topical preview of our upcoming episode with veteran actor H.M. Wynant, who discusses his leading role in one of the best classic TZ episodes of the series amid his prolific career. Watch for H.M.’s appearance with the DDG coming soon!

Buckle up for this wild, wacky ride through pop culture and genre films with the Damn Dirty Geeks as we throw caution – and good taste — to the wind and simply let this podcast episode fly where it takes us!

And we dedicate this episode to the memories of Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher, who both left us far too soon. Rest in Peace.


Note: this DDG Wild Card podcast episode was recorded in mid-2016, and in the interim several discussion points have been confirmed, including:

  • Disney shoe-horning GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY into the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at DCA was officially confirmed and the Hollywood Tower Hotel signage was unceremoniously removed from the ride facade before the attraction closed to the public for refurbishment in 2016.
  • Kurt Russell was indeed confirmed to play Star-Lord’s father in GOTG Vol. 2.
  • Regarding the wild ride about cantina bands in the STAR WARS universe: “jizz” is actually a musical genre played by both bands in EPISODE IV and VI, although Evar Orbus and His Jizz-Wailers appear to be a band only in the Expanded Universe and not the films. To our best knowledge, the EPISODE VII house band in Maz Kanata’s castle has no official name, in any case.

News on STAR TREK DISCOVERY series: CBS All Access website

More on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY makeover of Tower of Terror: Disney Parks Blog article

Disney’s preview of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY attraction: YouTube


Swingin’ the Alphabet by the Three Stooges: YouTube

Lore on Dark Side of the Moon syncing up with THE WIZARD OF OZ: Wikipedia

Kurt Russell’s appearance on GILLIGAN’S ISLAND: YouTube

Kurt Russell’s appearance on LOST IN SPACE: Vimeo


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