Join the Damn Dirty Geeks and our special guest DEBORAH BAKER, JR. as we more fantastic behind the scenes stories of making Dana Gould’s horror comedy series STAN AGAINST EVIL, as she wrapped her second season playing Denise Miller and now about to begin Season 3 of the show.

At Monsterpalooza 2017: actor Bobby Porter discusses MAKING APES: THE ARTISTS WHO CHANGED FILM, directed by William Conlin for a 2018 release. Photo courtesy of Making Apes on Facebook.

Deborah continues our winning streak with guests from the STAN AGAINST EVIL cast, including creator Dana Gould and co-star Janet Varney. She immediately got us in the mood with stories of her haunted house tales from location shooting in Georgia, related to her own poltergeist experiences from childhood — a surprise turn in our conversation for sure! Just as scary is the show’s rapid shooting schedule, which demands block shooting of all scenes at one location across multiple episode scripts. We delve into Deborah’s character relationships with Varney, Nate Mooney, John C. McGinley, and how Denise often speaks in Gould’s own comedic voice as a spokes-character.

Deborah Baker Jr. on STAN AGAINST EVIL, PLAN 9 and Comedy

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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Much of our discussion centers on comedy, which leads us into a great talk about Deborah’s multiple appearances in Dana Gould’s live stage readings of Ed Wood’s PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE script. A perfect project to suit Deborah’s sketch comedy acting background, PLAN 9 LIVE turns the cult classic film on its ear with a stellar cast including Jonah Ray, Janet Varney, Baker plus many special guest stars depending on the timing and location, including Laraine Newman and Paul F. Tompkins on the most recent performance. The more seriously and literally the cast performs the script, the funnier PLAN 9 gets. Be sure to check out the Largo at the Coronet website for upcoming shows when PLAN 9 LIVE returns.

Enjoy this laugh-filled episode with the funny and talented Deborah Baker Jr. and sample our photo gallery of her visit with the Damn Dirty Geeks.


Visit the official STAN AGAINST EVIL page at IFC to learn more aboud Deborah’s character Denise Miller.

Visit Dana Gould’s website to learn more about future staged live readings of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE.

Visit Deborah Baker Jr.’s official Facebook page.





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