Part 2 of our special in-depth episode with amazing and prolific actor Julie Ann Emery continues with fun and insightful discussions on her work in PREACHER, FARGO, PREACHER, CATCH-22 and her lifelong fandom of all things STAR WARS.

This part begins with Julie Ann talking about her complex character Joanna in I HATE KIDS, the feature film comedy co-written by our own Frank Dietz and project partner Todd Traina. This discussion extends with personal insights into how Julie Ann finds relatable aspects in all her character roles, either based in tragic life elements or the comedy of character juxtaposition.

Julie Ann addresses the impact of character partnership in light of the final season of PREACHER, and how well she paired with her series co-star Malcolm Barrett. Julie Ann also tells the tale of how she took an unusual approach in casting for the Hulu series CATCH-22, and how her against-the-odds approach eventually inspired director/co-star George Clooney to cast her as Marion Scheisskopf.

Our STAR WARS talk with Julie Ann continues as she and the Geeks discuss the closure of the Skywalker saga episode films and streaming STAR WARS series — all before they happened. Then we dive into some deep cuts in the Extended Universe novels and define what a Star Wars story means to us as fellow franchise fans.

As we Damn Dirty Geeks hope you’ll enjoy the second part of this fun, entertaining talk with Julie Ann Emery, this episode will also be our final regular podcast episode.

As creator Frank Dietz announces at the top of this show, the Damn Dirty Geeks are suspending our podcast adventures for the best of reasons, as each of the Geeks have become very busy and prolific in our own careers and projects — often still including each other when available!

So from all the Damn Dirty Geeks along with our many friends and podcast guests, we thank you — our listening audience — for your support and participation over the past four years of Geekdom. New DDG ventures may appear in the future, so we welcome you to continue following us on social media for announcements of new projects, appearances and events.

For now, we’ll say good night, Geeks…

Good night, Geeks!

Julie Ann Emery Part 2: STAR WARS, CATCH-22 and more!

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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Julie Ann Emery will appear in Season 6 of BOSCH on Amazon Prime.

Watch Julie Ann as Lara Featherstone in PREACHER on AMC, more info at the series website

Juile Ann also appeared opposite George Clooney in Hulu’s adaptation of CATCH-22, more info on series website.

Julie Ann appeared as Betsy Kettleman in Season 1 of AMC’s BETTER CALL SAUL, more info at the series website.

Julie Ann was a writer/director/producer of the web series THEN WE GOT HELP! More info at IMdB.


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