In Part 1 of a special two-part episode, the Damn Dirty Geeks welcome the amazing Julie Ann Emery. Having appeared on such hit shows as FARGO, BETTER CALL SAUL, CATCH-22 and the insane AMC series PREACHER, this versatile actress has demonstrated an ability to slip into all kinds of different characters.

We start off talking about the absolutely bonkers show PREACHER, currently in its fourth and final season. Julie Ann enlightens us about the creators’ decision to end the series by barreling full speed towards the Apocalypse. She also discusses how much she enjoyed playing Agent Featherstone and the multiple disguises her character takes on. A tardy Jack Bennett arrives to join us discussing Julie Ann’s role as the scheming Betsy Kettleman on BETTER CALL SAUL, and as the terribly unhappy Joanna in the feature comedy I HATE KIDS (written by DDG co-host Frank Dietz).

Things really get going when we segue into one of Julie Ann’s favorite subjects, STAR WARS movies. Yes, Julie Ann is an actual Geek! She talks about how Princess Leia and Han Solo impacted her youth, as Trish agrees that those original movies changed her life. This leads to a discussion with Scott about the zealous side of fandom, particularly on social media. We finish off the episode talking about the fun of playing villains — and this is only part one!

Part 2 of this episode will cover more of Julie Ann’s career, including a fun story of first meeting with her CATCH-22 co-star George Clooney!

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Season 4 of PREACHER continues on AMC in Fall 2019, more info at the series website

Julie Ann appeared as Betsy Kettleman in Season 1 of AMC’s BETTER CALL SAUL, more info at the series website.

Juile Ann also appeared opposite George Clooney in Hulu’s adaptation of CATCH-22, more info on series website.

Julie Ann was a writer/director/producer of the web series THEN WE GOT HELP! More info at IMdB.


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