The Damn Dirty Geeks take another stab and celebrating and studying the horror film genre with our special guest, producer/director Mike Mendez.

Like two of our previous podcast guests, Andrew Kasch and John Skipp, Mendez also directed a segment of the horror anthology film TALES OF HALLOWEEN released last October. Mike’s segment “Friday the 31st” pits a deranged serial killer against his feminine quarry who turns the tables in a shocking twist of the typical slasher formula. Mendez also discusses BIG ASS SPIDER!, his affectionate horror/humor tribute to the big bug movies of the 1950s, his SyFy movie LAVALANTULA, and working with Dolph Lindgren on his latest film DON’T KILL IT.

Mike Mendez: Big Ass Spiders and Modern Horror

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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We revisit films like CARRIE, THE HILLS HAVE EYES and FRIDAY THE 13th that were early influences on Mike’s youth and inspired his eventual career. Mike also jumpstarts a rousing discussion of James Cameron’s genre-mashing sequel ALIENS, arguably Cameron at the top of his directorial form, and how his long-delayed extension of his AVATAR franchise may be too late to remain relevant.

Mike and the DDG also take an enjoyable detour to describe our worst movie-going experiences as fans and audience members, harkening back to the days before online movie ticketing and reserved seats, asking how this electronic line-up experience has changed the fan experience at theaters.

We weave all these subject threads together in a larger examination on the state of current independent horror films and filmmakers, existing and thriving outside the formulaic entries of higher-budget studio franchises or even compete against them at the box office.

For more podcast fun with horror filmmakers like Mike Mendez, listen to our previous episode with TALES OF HALLOWEEN co-directors Andrew Kasch and John Skipp. You can also rent or purchase TALES OF HALLOWEEN and BIG ASS SPIDER! via links in our Show Notes below to get your horror fix and support these independent filmmakers.

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