Beat the summer heat with these chilling Top 5 most downloaded Damn Dirty Geeks podcast episodes shows for the week ending June 25th:

Enjoy our great podcast episode on Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing with guest Ted Newsom, discussing their careers and his Hammer horror documentary.

5.  Returning in the #5 slot is our fantastic Hammer horror films episode with guest TED NEWSOM, who reunited CHRISTOPHER LEE and PETER CUSHING for the final time in his newly-expanded documentary FLESH AND BLOOD: THE HAMMER HERITAGE OF HORROR. Listen to this engaging episode and get a link to buy the doc DVD.

Sam Witwer as Private Jessup meets a gruesome fate in Frank Darabont's horror thriller THE MIST.

4.  Our 4th most downloaded podcast of last week was Part 1 of our two-hour show with actor SAM WITWER, discussing his fortuitous casting experience for a role in Frank Darabont’s excellent adaptation of Stephen King’s horror thriller THE MIST, and as a troubled vampire in SyFy’s supernatural series BEING HUMAN. Sam also shares with the DDG his experience making the pilot of AMC’s hit horror series THE WALKING DEAD, including his character makeup with podcast guest Greg Nicotero, and Sam’s role as the undead tank soldier who was slated to have his backstory told in webisodes online.

Actor Sam Witwer as Starkiller in THE FORCE UNLEASHED II video game, one of the many prominent characters he's voiced in the STAR WARS universe

3.  Our #3 most popular podcast episode of last week is a STAR WARS-filled follow up, Part 2 of our show with SAM WITWER. Sam and the DDG dive deep into STAR WARS lore, exploring the franchise transitions between the official canon films, books and TV series and the Legends universe of previous fiction. Sam’s been a part of it all, contributing his voice acting as Starkiller in Star Wars: the Force Unleashed video games, plus both animated series THE CLONE WARS and STAR WARS REBELS. Enjoy Sam’s own vocal talents as he gives us some samples of Emperor Palpatine’s evil intonations and Darth Maul’s villainous voice and your journey to the Dark Side will be complete!

The Gunslinger (Yul Brynner) is about to face off with Martin (Richard Benjamin) in WESTWORLD.

2.  Another listener favorite episode returns at our 2nd most downloaded show this past week: our return visit to Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi thriller WESTWORLD. Influencing the tone and laying the groundwork for bigger budget 1980s genre blockbuster films like THE TERMINATOR, Crichton’s film holds up very well today and is well worth revisiting along with several 1970s standout films the DDG also recommend. Get the full list of must-see 1970s films jumping the WESTWORLD link above.

The title character from BIG ASS SPIDER!, Mike Mendez's affectionate salute to giant bug movies of the 1950s.

1.  And our #1 most downloaded episode this past week is our returning recent champion, our podcast on modern independent horror films and the classics that influenced them with producer/director MIKE MENDEZ. Mike talks about his earliest impressions of films like CARRIE and THE HILLS HAVE EYES seen when he was very young started him on the road to loving horror. He and the DDG also get into deeper discussion of James Cameron’s genre-bending sequel ALIENS, and how it skillfully blended action, humor and terror in a style that Mendez’s films like BIG ASS SPIDER! and LAVALANTULA embody in their own entertaining ways. Likewise, Mike’s segment in the horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN exploits several twists to liven up what audiences think will be a predictable slasher story.

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