The Damn Dirty Geeks recently enjoyed a podcasting evening of laughs and great stories with actor and friend of the show, Tom Everett Scott. Tom’s stories of his career starring in an impressive range of horror, comedy, drama and musical projects made for one of DDG’s favorite shows.

We open with a discussion about Tom’s work in THAT THING YOU DO! and how writer/director/co-star Tom Hanks almost didn’t cast Scott in the film because he looked too much like Hanks. Tom also details fascinating moments working with Hanks early in his feature directing career and advice he gave for Scott’s first starring film role — including an important screen acting technique.

You’ll hear how Scott had to learn to play the drums to play Guy Patterson in the Oneders band, fulfilling a lifelong dream, though he already knew how to read music from playing another instrument in his childhood.

At Monsterpalooza 2017: actor Bobby Porter discusses MAKING APES: THE ARTISTS WHO CHANGED FILM, directed by William Conlin for a 2018 release. Photo courtesy of Making Apes on Facebook.

That Tom Everett Scott Thing We Do

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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Fans will also recognize Tom Everett Scott from his lycanthropic turmoil in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS, the 1997 sequel to John Landis’ AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and co-starring Julie Delpy. This lighter-tone story showed off Tom’s comedic skills again, and how he actually spent little time in heavy makeup as most of the werewolf creature effects were achieved by (disappointing) CG. Also, listen to Tom’s behind-the-scenes stories of how the connection from AAWIP to AAWIL were intended to tie the films closer together, but were eventually blurred which hindered the film’s stand alone value. Accordingly, a brief debate about what makes a werewolf movie ensued between the Geeks.

Tom’s acting adventures continue with tales of working with Meryl Streep in ONE TRUE THING, his return to horror in the SYFY series Z NATION (prompting the question: would Streep turn into slow Romero zombie vs. fast O’Bannon zombie debate), another musical venture in LA LA LAND, and a bit of a preview of Tom’s role in the upcoming comedy I HATE KIDS, co-written with Tom Traina by DDG’s own Frank Dietz.

Enjoy this podcast discussion with Tom Everett Scott about his career, his theoretical 16-year cycle of playing all the classic movie monsters, and a fun sidetrack discussion about flim score creator Michael Giaccino… then beware the moon!


Visit the official I’M SORRY page at TruTV to learn more Tom’s current series.

Visit the official I HATE KIDS page on IMDb to learn more about Tom’s upcoming comedy film.


These links will help you explore Tom Everett Scott’s work in film and television:

Check out That Thing You Do! [Blu-ray] available for purchase on

Tom’s musical repertoire continues in La La Land on Blu-ray and DVD.

Beware the moon when you watch An American Werewolf In Paris available on

Enjoy the family drama One True Thing available on DVD.


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