The DDG are very geeked for the Halloween premiere of podcast guest Dana Gould‘s new horror comedy series STAN AGAINST EVIL, sneak previewing on IFC Halloween night at 11pm and making its two-episode premiere on IFC starting at 10pm on November 2nd. We’ve gotten a couple preview looks at Dana’s show and it’s hilarious with some good horror punch to it as well. Watch the trailer:

STAN AGAINST EVIL stars John C. McGinley as Stan Miller, the irascible retired sheriff of a small New England town bedeviled by a centuries-old curse. Taking his place in the sheriff’s office is Janet Varney as Evie Barret, who must overcome the insufferable Stan as they join forces to battle the evil threatening to consume their town. The unlikely duo get little help from Deputy Leon Drinkwater (Nate Mooney) in battling the demonic Stella Stans, played by our pal Mick Ignis. The series will also feature Gould in a character role, beyond his duties as the series creator/executive producer and writer.

We highly recommend you check out Dana’s show on its Halloween night sneak peek, then watch the full series when it premieres at its weekly 10pm Wednesday time slot on IFC. STAN AGAINST EVIL is definitely Damn Dirty Geek approved!


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