As we publish Part 1 of our Damn Dirty Geeks podcast episode with special guest Greg Nicotero this week, talking in-depth about JAWS, we have two extra barrels to tag the shark with that you’ll enjoy!

Though made decades apart, three of our DDG team made a couple of biting parodies of JAWS we now include with our episode to further illustrate how Steven Spielberg’s 1975 beach-emptying thriller firmly embedded its teeth into pop culture.

LEAVES is a Super 8mm film created by Frank Dietz and Jonathan Guildroy circa 1977, uploaded now with a commentary track by Dietz discussing the making of this fun JAWS sendup about a small town neighborhood threatened by killer foliage. Originally filmed in Port Washington, New York on a shoestring budget, this short film from Frank’s youth was released in 2005 as part of the Monster Kid Home Movies DVD collection. Just when you thought it was safe to rake your lawn…

QUINT IN ’58 by DDGs Jack Bennett and Frank Woodward imagines an alternate movieverse in which the younger naval veteran Quint sits in a bar to deliver his memorable monologue about the sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis — though his storytelling still needs a little practice.

As Bennett describes the film: “QUINT IN ’58 began as a joke texted between Damn Dirty Geeks Jack Bennett and Frank H. Woodward and is now a comedy short referencing arguably the best scene in one of the greatest movies ever. Written, produced and co-directed by Bennett and Woodward, with Bennett using his lifelong cultivated skill of imitating Robert Shaw to bring a young Quint to life.” Show off your scars and enjoy…

JAWS fans will enjoy both of these parody short films, and we’re happy to offer them to our audience as extra Bonus Content to devour along side our podcast episode with Greg Nicotero. Don’t swim too far from shore, as our second hour of JAWS talk with Greg will surface soon when we publish Part Two of our podcast. Keep a sharp eye out for fins swimming up through your iTunes subscription to the DDG very soon!

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