With STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS just a few months from blasting into theaters, the Damn Dirty Geeks revisit the classic, original STAR WARS trilogy in three full length podcasts. (Listen to Part 2 and Part 3).

UPDATE: Listen to our full THE FORCE AWAKENS review/discsussion episode here.

Star Wars, Empire and Jedi - A Look Back Part 1

by Damn Dirty Geeks

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In Part 1 of this double-episode, Frank, Jack and Scott discuss in depth the unique clash of perfect timing and epic fantasy storytelling that launched a cinematic phenomenon in 1977. Before it was ever known as Episode IV: A NEW HOPE, the original STAR WARS captivated 1970s audiences worn down by political scandals, gas lines and dark, cynical cinema.

George Lucas’ reimagining of serial adventures like FLASH GORDON made movies fun again and audiences kept returning to theaters to enjoy the good guys battling Darth Vader and the Empire’s baddies. The perfect antidote to 1970s cynicism, STAR WARS redefined the blockbuster film concept, launched a film franchise and fantasy mythology that endures and thrives nearly four decades later, and changed Hollywood movies forever.

The Geeks get into the heart and artistry of good STAR WARS storytelling from A NEW HOPE through EMPIRE to JEDI which set both characters and audience on an exciting journey of danger, despair and triumph. We then pilot this discussion into the near future to challenge THE FORCE AWAKENS with bringing back that original STAR WARS feeling and fun once again.

We will publish Part 2 of this STAR WARS original trilogy podcast discussing much more about RETURN OF THE JEDI soon, so stay tuned you Rebel scum! No, we won’t make you wait three years to hear it.

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With STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS just a few months from blasting into theaters, the Damn Dirty Geeks revisit the classic, original STAR WARS trilogy in two full length podcasts discussing the past and immediate future of the blockbuster film franchise.

Trivia: As discussed in this episode, Mark Hamill suffered a broken nose and cheekbone with facial lacerations in a car accident on January 11, 1977 — not only before THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL but before he’d even finished filming STAR WARS. A double for Hamill was used in the landspeeder shots for the film while the actor recovered.

Trivia: THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL was videotaped at The Burbank Studios in Fall 1978 for its November 17th network television premiere on CBS, returning seven of STAR WARS’ cast members reprising their roles plus new characters for guest stars Bea Arthur, Art Carney, Diahann Carroll and Harvey Korman.

Corrections: Scott misspoke the film title THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT as “The Other Side of the Mountain” but the marketing facts discussed about it are correct. Also, STAR WARS wasn’t re-released with ‘Episode IV A NEW HOPE’ added to the opening crawl until April 1981.

1979 TEASER TRAILER – the earliest TESB trailer without film clips as mentioned – YouTube
1979 TEASER TRAILER #2 – the TESB logo debuted here before John Williams’ score was written – YouTube
THEATRICAL TRAILER #1 – Harrison Ford narrates this rarely seen TESB trailer –  YouTube
THEATRICAL TRAILER #2 – filled with new film clips including a deleted C3PO scene – YouTube
STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL – get this never officially released show with RiffTrax satiric commentary
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